Friday, January 17, 2025

Day by Day Journal of the Master Cleanse

Day 1:
Did SWF (salt water flush) with 2 tsp of canning salt at 5:30am. Drank 3 cups of it. I couldn't drink one more drop. Pooped right away (within minutes), but not from the swf. Didn't poop the SWF until 7:00. Made up 9, 10 oz bottles of lemonade. Took 4 lemons. Drank two cups of peppermint tea. Drank 1 cup of another herbal tea. I used stevia in the tea....I love it that way, and I'm sure I'll still get cleaned out if I use stevia.
I did not weigh myself before starting the cleanse. Before Christmas, I weighed a low of 134. I felt quite a bit bloated from Christmas and think I was closer to 138.
Hurdle of the day: Panic. I was panicking when I would feel hungry or want food. I would almost sweat that I wanted food so bad. I had to remind myself (out loud) that, "I am doing this ON PURPOSE! The food will still be there when I am done with the fast. My body will be healed of various issues because of this. I AM CHOOSING THIS." Had to remind myself of this frequently because I was hungry.
Cooked turkey soup for the kids and husband. It was hard. I kept putting bites in my mouth on accident while I was chopping and had to spit them out. I felt hungry all day, but in retrospect I think it was because I had the soup cooking all day. I made two days worth of soup so that I wouldn't have to cook the next day for my family.
Daughter said something about an Italian sub. At that point, I started a "meal list of things that I want". Italian sub was at the top of the list.
Drank the senna tea (with stevia) at 9:00 while I was laying in bed. Turned off the light and went to sleep.

Day 2:
Woke up at 4:50am with poop pains. Ouch. Sat on the toilet but hardly expelled anything. Drank the SWF at 5:20. I made it warm this time because I was hoping it would remind me of broth. It didn't. I also used 2 heaping teaspoons of salt because I thought if I had more salt it might work quicker (day 1 took 1 1/2 hrs). It didn't work quicker. I drank 3 cups. went a little from swf at 6:30, finished going around 7ish. Made 11 drinks with 4 lemons. Drank 9 drinks all day. Felt stomach rumbling throughout the day but wasn't overly hungry. I just wanted food. Drank A LOT of tea. Peppermint and other herbals.

Day 3:
I feel thinner. I hadn't expected to lose weight so I didn't weigh or measure myself. Woke up at 4:30 with poop pains. Drank the swf at 5. Only could get 2 1/2 cups down. I have to figure out how to drink more. Went back to bed at 5:30. At 6:30 I pooped a little of swf. Small poop chunks moistly yellow water. Temperature was normal, but I'm still freezing. When I'm so cold that I can't bear it, I do push ups and sit-ups and I get warm. Made my drinks a bit spicier today, 1/8 tsp per glass. Made 10 drinks. Cup of peppermint tea at 8. Only hot foods sounds appealing because I am so cold I think. Hubs asked if I had caffeine withdraws yet, but I hadn't thought of it because I haven't had any headaches. I read that peppermint tea and other various teas bind with toxins as they leave the body. I'm drinking so much tea that the toxins probably don't stand a chance to bother me.
Made a HUGE pot pie for my family for dinner. They ate half of it. I used up various things in my fridge and cupboards that I don't typically care to eat anymore since I have been calorie conscious. It worked out great! They loved it and I didn't feel terrible about not eating it. That is until I smelled it when it was done. I had added thyme to my potpie, so I quickly made a tea with thyme in it. Took the craving away instantly.
I made a meal list for 22 days based on what I had in the house and what I would want to eat when I get off of the fast. The things that I planned for my family were things that I don't care for alot, or that I make often enough that I won't miss out. The things that I planned when I get off of the fast include a lot of meatless meals, or meals that I can easily pick meat out of and substitute for beans/lentils. I am not going to stay away from meat entirely when I get off the fast, but I plan to ease into it.
I fell asleep on the chair and husband put me to bed at 8pm. I didn't take the laxative tea.

Day 4:
Get up with alarm at 6:15. Obviously didn't have to go to the bathroom because I didn't drink the laxative tea last night. I brushed my teeth right before I drank SWF at 6:20. I used 2 rounded tsp in 4 cups of luke warm water. Went down easier than any other temp. I brushed my teeth before drinking too, and I didn't taste the salt until I was half way done with it. I got it all down in two minutes. yay!. Today I am not putting
lemonade in the fridge. hopefully I won't be as cold. Record time to poop! 40 minutes and had to go from swf. I was standing the whole time after the swf while I got the kids ready for school - I wonder if that had something to do with it. I also drank lemonade right away (10 minutes after the SWF).
Poop had chunks and 'sand' like floating particles.
Dressed in my husband's long johns and I felt warmer. Drank ten lemonades all day. Drank senna at 11.
Family ate left over pot pie for dinner. I had no cravings for it at all. I just sat with them and drank my lemonade.

Day 5:
Got up at 6:20 without poop cramps. Drank swf at 6:35. Basil temp 97.9 which is higher than normal for me! I wonder if this might be healing my hypothyroid issue. Nothing has ever been confirmed with a doctor with hypothyroid, but everything points to it, so I have been eating foods and taking supplements to help it.
Had crazy stomach pains and pooped at 7:20-7:45. Very stinky. It was like chocolate pancake batter in consistency. Lots of chunks and sludge.
Stomach hasn't rumbled much today. I made Potato soup for dinner with homemade biscuits. I started cooking it at 12 until about 3. It smelled wonderful. I had to make sure that I drank my tea and reminded myself that I can have that AFTER the cleanse. (*adding to the list). I think the prolonged cooking makes it harder to not taste test and want it. Drank multiple cups of tea throughout the day. Drank Smooth Move tea at 11. I had previously been drinking all SENNA tea for the laxative tea, but I had an extra tea bag of smooth move, so I thought I would try it. I've heard that it is gentler on the 'poop cramps'.

Day 6:
Woke up at 4:30 with a headache. Went back to sleep. Had mild poop cramps at 8. Drank 3 cups of swf at 8:30. Headache was still there. I would have skipped the swf if the headache wasn't there. 8:35 had to poop from tea. lots of chunky hard poop sunk to the bottom of the toilet. Stones? Then loose, pancake consistency. Floated and sunk. Persistent headache all day. I tried many types of herbal tea, peppermint on the temples, a nap, extra water, extra water with salt...nothing helped. It got so bad that it was almost nauseating. Pooped swf in waves from 9:30-1. Nothing was a big amount. I think the Smooth Move wasn't strong enough to get rid of whatever toxins I have. Today was hard not to eat because of my headache. I kept wanting food - any kind of food. I didn't give in.
Drank Senna at 10pm.

Day 7:
Woke up at 5:40 with cramps. Pooped A LOT. Very foul smelling, mashed potato texture. Drank 3 1/2 cups of swf at 6. Upon waking, no headache....after moving around, headache was creeping. Hoping it will be gone after the swf works. Started my period right on schedule.
Swf worked at 8-1. Throughout the day pooping. Nothing exciting or painful about it. Drank 9 lemonades. Felt very clear headed with the kids and husband. Pretty bored without eating.
Drank senna at bed time. Couldn't hardly fall asleep because I had so much energy! Very strange and new feeling. Husband decided to do a 3 day fast with me during my last few days.

Day 8:
Did not have any cramping from senna which was strange. SWF worked within 1 1/2 hours of taking it, but also had swf poop throughout the day until 2pm. I wonder if I have blockage. Fasting felt easy today. I felt very alive and fresh. Focused. Cooked a delicious smelling and looking breakfast casserole for my kids for supper. Did not have pangs of desire to eat it, but thoroughly enjoyed the smell and the act of cooking it. While the kids were eating, they played along with my cleanse and told me how it felt in their mouths, what they liked about it and they were thankful that I cooked it for them. Can a cleanse make my kids thankful?!
Felt very clear of mind and energetic all day. Bordom not too terrible.  Did not take the senna tea at night.

Day 9:
Drank SWF at 6:30. Had to go between 7-8. Very brown and stinky.
Felt pretty good all day as far as clear headedness. I noticed a large BOIL from detoxing. By the end of the day I was starting to get a headache. I felt hungry all day and bored from not eating. Drank 8 lemonades. I have a few canker sores on my tongue. Tongue is still very white. Drank senna tea at 8:30 and went to bed.

Day 10: (and breaking of fast at night)
Woke up at 4:30 with cramps and had to go to the bathroom. There was a lot of solid chunks and pancake consistency poop. I don't think I should be done today. My tongue is still white and I still have so much solid matter. I am so ready to have food though, so we'll see. I'm heading to the fruit market today to stock up on some fresh vegetables. Also going to the kitchen store to get myself a tortilla press. Going to try to stay away from store bought bread, and I prefer flat bread anyways.
Drank SWF at 5:20.
----Went to the store and bought WAYYY too many vegetables. (and a scale. I weighed myself at 128 lbs) Made salad for next day and cut up the makings of a soup. I do not plan on using the orange juice for a day as the lemonade that I prepared used a lot of pulp in it anyhow. I am starting with vegetables. At 8:00, I had a half of a grapefruit. My stomach feels strange at about 8:40 as my insides are starting to wake up. At 9, I had strange pains in my lower back (around my kidneys) for about 40 minutes. At first I thought it was tight muscles, but since it went away so quickly, I wonder if it WAS my kidneys. Felt hunger pangs coming and going as my digestive system woke up. Had a cup of chamomile tea and went to bed at 11.
Did not do laxative tea.

Day 11: (breaking of the master cleanse)
Woke up at 6:15 hungry. NO MORE SALT WATER FLUSH! YEAH! Ate an entire apple. Chewed very slowly and efficiently. No tummy upset. Weighed 125 lbs. That puts me at about 13 lbs lost! So funny because I didn't think I had anything to lose. I bet I'll gain most of it back....although my diet is so good, I might not! I feel great. Very clear headed, increase in libido, and happy attitude. Cooked a HUGE crockpot of veggie chili. It has Garbanzo beans, barley, cabbage, tomatoes, tomato paste, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, spinach, salt, pepper, kelp flakes, cumin, oregano, tumeric. Hardly any broth...I don't like brothy soups. I did not count the calories for the soup because I think I will be WAY under my 1500 calories for the day anyways.

Eating Schedule for the first day off of the master cleanse.
6:30 Ate Apple *72 calories
8:30 Ate 3/4 Grapefruit (baby had the rest) *75 calories
9:00 Ate a couple pieces of cabbage as I put it into the soup *2 calories
10:30 Ate a 4.5 ounce roma tomato (IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOOOD) *27 calories
12:30 Ate a kiwi and a small salad (1 1/2 cups total. spinach, carrots, cauliflower, 4 almonds, 1 tsp sunflower seeds, 4 cherry tomatoes) *150 calories
2:10 Ate 1.25 ounce raw peanuts (chewed WELL), 5 grape tomatoes *205 calories
3:30-? Munched on 5.5 oz cut veggies (carrots, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, cucumber) *40 calories
4:30 two strawberries. I just can't stop. I am so excited to eat! My tummy feels good! *10 calories
6:30 A half bowl of soup (veggie chili). Probably  Oh my it was so good and hot. I was very full when I was done. I chewed each bit thoroughly. *200 calories
8-10 A bite here and there of the soup *50 calories

Total of 830 calories. I feel VERY full. The soup was amazing and very filling.

After the heavy soup, my stomach made all kind of weird feelings, but it never hurt. I have sensations of the food moving through my intestines. Almost like I could go to the bathroom, but not quite. I did not go today at all. If I don't go tomorrow, I will do a salt water flush.

Day 12:
Woke up at 6:30 not hungry. When I was fixing everyone else breakfast, I started to feel hungry at 7, so I ate an apple. Feel like I need to use the bathroom, had a very small amount of gas during the night (not from food itself, but as my intestines are starting to work I think). Sipped on a kombucha all day with tea and water to drink.

Eating Schedule for the second day of the master cleanse.
7:00 Apple *72 calories
9:00 Half Grapefruit *50 calories
12:00 Spinach and veggie salad with nutritional yeast and lemon for dressing. Had one bite of rice & a bite of greek yogurt. *100 calories
Kombucha throughout the day *60 calories
Veggie Tray *120 calories
Dinner (soup and bread roll with butter) *400 calories

Made a nut/seed/honey candy (pasteli) and ate and ate and ate it. LOADS of calories and sugar. felt TERRIBLE and shaky. Wanted to throw up. What was I thinking?! I even felt dizzy, light headed and couldn't see properly. Drank a cup of tea made with 1/2 TABLESPOON cinnamon, stevia and a smidge of vanilla extract so that I could get it down. Cinnamon is supposed to help with sugar absorption/crap. It was pretty much awful.

Day 13:
Ate small amounts of veggies and raw nuts all day. Did not eat ANY of the pasteli. Small dinner. Had a glass of wine that night. Drank SWF in the morning. Did not go from it at all. Must have got stuck with all of that sugar. Yuck.
Made a gallon of homemade yogurt (got it started). Slowly added more food.

Day 16: Ate meat (chicken) for the first time without any issues. Will resume regular meat eating schedule.

Day 17: Not eating anything today. I am drinking lemonades without maple syrup or cayenne. Simply lemon with stevia for sweetness. I feel great. Hunger pangs have come and gone, but as of 1:30, still feeling good. I want to do a 1 day fast every monday and once a month, do 3 days on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I think it will help to keep things running efficiently.
I weighed 128 first thing in the morning. That's a 3 lb increase. My guess is that I will stay here. Woot woot!


  1. When you do the 1 day fast each week and the 3 day fast each month what do you consume? What is your typical everyday non-fasting diet?

  2. I use the lemonade from the master cleanse, or I have been reading about juice fasts (of varying cleanses) that are fantastic. It is recommended to stay away from water fasts alone as it is very hard on the system.
    My non-fasting diet consists of soaked/fermented whole grains for all of my breads and beans. I eat meat once or twice a week. Raw dairy, which I prepare myself. I am a huge fan of the Nourishing Traditions cook book and all of their resources to learn about whole foods in general. Check it out!

  3. We are currently on day 8 of the MC and have been doing the salt water baths each morning. My husband says it tastes like Lipton's chicken noodle soup both- I'll never be able to enjoy that soup again! Feeling great though!